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Dr. Karen Pullum
Dr. Karen Pullum is a natural spiritual healer who integrates body and soul. She aligns and balances your body through advanced energy methods. Certified in Traditional and Electromagnetic Rolfing, Acupressure, Joy Breath, Reflexology, and as a master in Usui Shiki and Karuna Reiki she blends all these healing arts to bring balance to you life.

Through her healing arts she continues to bring the awareness to individuals on how to create a fully balanced life-spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally.

Through her 15 years of healing experience she has discovered specific systems, techniques, and strategies to bring balance to an individuals life with extraordinary success.

Dr. Karen Pullum is a nationally know healer with a doctorate in metaphysics. She and her work have been features in numerous media; She knows how to assist individuals with achieving results in their personal and professional life.

St. Louis, Missouri   Phone:  (314) 324-4515

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