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I had been in pain from a bulging disk pressing on my spinal cord for about 2 years when a freind suggested that I go to see Karen Pullum for a rolfing session. I had a huge knot in my shoulder that was more than extremely painful. Karen worked on me for 12 weeks and got the knot almost completely gone. I was in MUCH less pain and my posture improved dramatically. I highly recommend rolfing to anyone who is in pain or just wants to stand up straighter and feel great!
- Jodi
For too many years - 25 or so, I had suffered with chronic hip, back and neck pain. This was the direct result of a bicycle accident.
I recieved physical therapy many times and learned to stretch my body through yoga, and recieved massage therapy on a regular basis. I also took ibuprofin - as much as 1600mg. per day. As an RN, I knew this was not good, but I needed to control my pain.
I learned of Karen Pullum through a relative, and since I had not tried Rolfing, I thought why not? I went through the complete head to toe session over a the course of a few months. I began to experience relief while decreasing the ibuprofin. For nearly a year I have been off all pain meds, and see Karen monthly for maintenance sessions. I will always need to keep my body stretched and flexible - that is my responsibility. Karen does the rest, and I thank God I took my cousin's advice!
- Ginger
In the Spring of 2001 I had a strange accident where I actually tore my left bicep tendon due to a standard blood draw for a life insurance policy. I immediately went back to work (I am a personal trainer) and continued to tear my tendon as my day wore on. The next morning I awoke and my left arm was black and blue and very tender to the touch. This is when I finally realized the severity of the injury. I went to my Doctor and had some tests done and she confirmed that yes indeed my tendon was torn. I was ordered not to use my left arm for a 4-6 week period. However, I couldn't take that much time off of my job so I forced myself to work using my right arm only. This proved to be a bad decision. Not working my body evenly caused old scar tissue in my back to tense up and eventually spasm. A week or so later this scar tissue in my trap muscle got so inflamed that it actually cut off blood circulation in my left arm. When my arm turned blue from the lack of oxygen I rushed myself to the doctor and received cortisone shot to immediately reduce the swelling. I was then put on muscle relaxants and anti-inflammatory medicine to try and control my pains.
In January of 2003 a good friend of mine referred me to Karen Pullum. She explained what Rolfing was all about and thought that she could help me with my problems. Needless to say in about 6 months time Karen was able to rid me of all of my muscle relaxants and other drugs. She truly loosened up all of the tight connective tissue from my injuries and gave me my life back. Karen is a professional in every sense of the word. She listened to me during our first phone consultation and was prepared for my first visit. Karen then managed to “tune-in” to my body and start the healing process. I couldn't believe how much better I felt after just the first visit! For the first year I saw Karen twice a month and progressively got better. I have not had a flare-up in almost a year and I still get rolfed every 4-8 weeks for a tune-up. Not only do I still go and believe in her methods but I have sent my wife and in-laws as well and they all swear by her.
-Michael D. Little
Dynamic Personal Fitness
After years of experience with both conventional medical healing as well as alternative therapies in both my professional and personal lives, I highly recommend Dr. Karen Pullum and her work to anyone and everyone in need of mind, body, or spirit healing. She performs her structural integration techniques with unbelievable strength and compassionate insight. Through her electromagnetic rolfing she demonstrates an amazing talent for manipulation of the body's energy fields towards restoration of balance. Dr. Pullum respects the parameters of each individual's personal approach to healing, while placing the variety of her healing techniques and her gift for designing individual programs at one's disposal. Her work discovers and enriches the mind, body, and spirit continuum and enhances whatever additional therapies the individual already has in process. The end result is a journey through a complete healing process that challenges the mind, engages the body, and heals the spirit.
-Teresa Andreone, M.D., Ph.D., Critical Care Physician
As an adult I have looked for help from many professionals personal trainers, mainstream doctors, physical therapist, chiropractors with treatment that ranged from muscle relaxants to counseling because to I was viewed as being too anal but again, no help with the major issues. The personal trainer told me over 20 years ago that he thought rolfing would help, well it took a long time to find one but once I did you know he was dead on right.
On the phone Karen Pullum said she thought rolfing could offer some benefits, in person I think she may have been amazed by what living like this for decades this could do to a person, my problems were complex to say the least. With bad balance and an inability to get muscles too work for me the muscles of my right arm and legs morphed into two dimensional limbs more like flaps .Presently I am just barely half way through a full session of rolfing and the changes I have experienced so far are profound both physically and spiritually.
Karen knew upon seeing me that my issues were real she was able see, touch and address these issues,
She has given the missing dimensions back to me body and spirit. I believe that with issues or without everyone would benefit from being rolfed. And I know you would hard pressed to find a more caring, dedicated or insightful practitioner than Karen Pullum.
How fortunate it has been for me Karen that you chose the path you're on.

-Mark McReynolds

With the guidance, assistance, and work of Dr. Karen Pullum, I have changed my approach to life as a whole. I am more balanced in my work, both physically and mentally, what I eat the importance of the purity of what goes into my body and the total maintenance and well being of my body as a whole.
To any one who suffers from chronic pain and has been told by their Doctor that medicine for the rest of their life is the answer, you must look at Rolfing. I would hope that you would take the time to understand that the cost of the pain and prescriptions that you are currently paying will be greatly offset by this treatment. You must commit yourself to it, the reward you will reap far out ways what you are going through today.

Sandy James, DeSoto.
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